Testimonial 2

Prime Pilates plus Julie Watstein is the perfect combination for getting your body in shape! I love happy hour cocktails and dessert and with Julie working me out, I can have BOTH! Julie brings energy and passion and truly professional knowledge to Pilates. While working out with her twice a week, I saw my body transformed before my very eyes! Now, this is a HARD workout. Julie is tough but the results are worth every minute and dollar invested.

I’m so pleased that I have finally found “something” that makes sense for my social and non grass eating lifestyle that is effective and is a solid exercise routine that has changed the way I view working out. In addition, consistent Pilates has lowered my blood pressure and just makes me smile out loud all the way to class. All instructors are not created equally! Julie cares about good health and works with me (without judgement or lectures) to achieve my goals of maintaining good habits and fabulous results. Cheers Julie and Thank You!

-Tamera J.
Age 40 (and Fabulous)

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