Testimonial 4

Surprise! Surprise!

I must admit that I went to Prime Pilates because I am a good friend of Julie’s family. Imagine my surprise when, after only one session, I became “hooked.” Never did I think, as I near the 60 mark, that I would become such a devotee of not just Pilates, but Prime Pilates in particular. I felt stronger and taller after my one lesson. I knew I had to register for more. And I have no regrets. In fact, I feel myself become stronger, healthier, and more energetic after each session. Not only is Pilates itself a healthy, worthwhile exercise, Julie is a fantastic teacher. Her first concern is for the health and safety of her clients. The studio is pristine clean. As a teacher myself, I find in her all the positive attributes of a good teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, and actually fun during this strenuous (but not debilitating) workout. I wholeheartedly recommend Prime Pilates to everyone…..young and old.

-Lisa Fireman

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